Grant's Dissector (Tank, Grant's Dissector) by Patrick W. Tank

Grant's Dissector (Tank, Grant's Dissector)

Book Title: Grant's Dissector (Tank, Grant's Dissector)

Publisher: LWW

ISBN: 0781774314

Author: Patrick W. Tank

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Patrick W. Tank with Grant's Dissector (Tank, Grant's Dissector)

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Since 1940, when Dr. J.C. Boileau Grant created the first lab manual based on Grant's method of dissection, Grant's Dissector has clearly established its authority and preeminence as the "gold standard" of gross anatomy dissection manuals. In the last edition, the material was streamlined to focus on more accurate, specific and clear steps, based on market conditions and feedback. This edition continues to focus on the trend of reduced lab hours yet maintains the quality and reliability of Grant's original manual.

Grant's Dissector, Fourteenth Edition features over 40 new figures to provide consistent appearance and include additional details, and is cross-referenced to the leading anatomy atlases, including Grant's, Netter's, Rohen, and Clemente.